The Beginning of Time

At one point I started a journal.

This was years ago, at the beginning of yet another tour in the early 90's with Neurosis. I had planned to write just about every day, with a summary at the end of the tour. Something to back up all the snapshots I took. Some way to remember what I would surely forget in the not too distant future. I knew even back then it would all be a blur. It was a blur as it was happening.

I think the journal made it about 4-5 days in. I have no idea what happened to it. I never did manage to start it up again.

This blog will be my attempt to relive some of these moments, to solidify the mist in my head that makes holding onto the memories a chore. As a drummer I am (supposedly) a keeper of time. The one who dictates the intervals between moments and events. (depending on your opinion of what time actually is...this is like saying I keep water in a cage...)

I hope to apply at least some level of this control to a chronicle of my own experience, both historical and present day.

I welcome any comment or story to help put it all together as well.

I have to give inspirational credit here to my brother-in-arms Scott Kelly. His blog, "We Burn Through the Night" is an excellent read, full of honesty, humility and humor - just as the man he is.

Rock on.


  1. Hi Jason, after the great Scott's blog we're glad also to read something from you. Cheers from Italy!