Dave Ed

I have been in bands with Dave Ed for over a quarter century. Of these 28+ years, 27 have been with Neurosis.

If you know Dave or have met him even briefly, you can be sure that you've probably never met anyone like him. This can be said about many people, but with Dave it's true - they broke mold with him. (wherever that was...)

His skills on the bass guitar are transcendent and as unique as his personality.


  1. it was a pleasure to shake his hand after the london gig last december, seemed like a really nice guy. shame there arn't more interviews with him on the web (same goes for you jason haha) - i can only find one written one, and one from a radio show in 2011.

  2. Yeah, I've met dave a couple times many years ago. Both during the times of grace tour cycle. Once in ATL with Soulfly, again when my old grind band, social infestation, opened for you guys and REO speedealer in tallahasee. Had a coule short conversations with Dave. He def made a lasting impression and I've always regarded him as a solid guy. Ahh, the good ole days.